Our Story

'Button Bag'

DUZENMAN IS: Handmade. Anti-fast fashion. Future heritage. 

In a time where originality and individuality are so often lost, our message is, do you.

We invite you to experience and share in the process of traditional creation and true customisation. Crafted from premium European and Australian leathers, each of our bags is handmade by a global talent list of heritage designers, artisans, makers and producers - but none are complete until you add your creative touch.

Our curated selection of interchangeable elements - handles, straps, pouches, colours and embellishments - enables you to design your bag just how you like it. With an infinite number of combinations and possibilities at your fingertips, we give you the tools to create a bag that truly speaks to ‘you’.

Bring to the table an open mind, and endless curiosity.